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WELCOME TO PRACTICE! If you search for truthful and real love, our congratulations! We are pleased to offer you acquaintance with the most beautiful, gentile, charming girls of the South to Russia. All our girls are real! All girls wait for you! Agency PRACTICE is Russian marriage agency, which helps to organize meetings between foreign men and women from our city Stavropol, Russia, with the purpose of a sincere and long-term union.

Our Marriage Agency is not a common Marriage Agency, whom you are used to deal with. The matter is, the women pay a good sum of money to be our clients. Many girls can not let themselves to spend such money for a contract.

The second reason is: as we are working with each of our clients personally till the marriage, that means, if our Marriage Agency will have great quantity of clients, it possibly can not fulfill all the undertakings according to the contract. We even ought to refuse some of the girls, who are ready to pay, because it would be unreal for us to work personally with a great number of clients at once. That is why our aim is to find a prefect partner for each of our women, according to her demands. Each woman gives us a description of her possible future husband: his age, height and weight, education, martial status, the country of living, etc. Surely, the appearance is not so important, as the inner qualities, but in any case we must take into attention all the demands of our clients, if they have any.

Please, pay attention: most of the Russian women at the age over 25 have already had a child or more than a child.

Our girls-clients agree for the age difference in 5 or 6 years between them and a partner. A woman, who is our client, does not want a man, who is much older, than she is.

Our girls-clients hardly know any foreign language perfectly, because they do not know, what country their future husbands will be from, and what language they will need in the future: English, French, Spanish or any other language.

So, before choosing a girl among our Marriage Agencys clients, please, form a correct estimate of your chances. If you want a girl, who is in 15 years younger than you are, with model appearance, without any children and with prefect foreign language, in this case you should better take your search in another place. If you have normal demands and wishes, please, welcome to write us.

Please,be ready if any our girl-client will ask you whether you have possibility to visit her in her town after several months of correspondence and whether you are financially secured for that travel.
All our girls-clients are warned against some men who like the process correspondence too much. We had enough of empty promises and of empty long time correspondences for our girls-clients, which were very informative and full of love but leaded to nothing. It seems a kind of tendency for the foreign men to say: No problem for me to meet you in your town soon! But then after the long time correspondence they said: Sorry, I have no possibility to have a trip to your town by an important reason.
Every girl will be known that in case of correspondence with a kind of man whose aim is correspondence only, the meeting may not take place for one of the following reasons:
I have no money for the trip because of: my company has the crisis problems, I had a car crush (or any trauma, especially broken leg is popular), I have just bought a new car (home), I did not know that I have to pay too much of taxes this year, I did not know that the trip to Russia is more expensive than to Turkey, I did not know that there will be so much of difficulties with the getting of the visa and of the invitation to your town (I was sure that it was enough to have a visa for the trip), I did not know that you are a client of the marriage agency and that I need to contact the marriage agency concerning our meeting and etc.
I have no time for the trip because of: my closest relative (or me) has the urgent surgery operation and I must be near, I am forced by my ex-wife to look after our child during three months, I have an urgent business-trip right for the dates of our meeting, I have already used my vacation time and next vacation will be after a year or later and etc.
All the men are completely free and completely without any problems, right till the dates of future meeting are set.
That is why, please, think carefully in advance, whether you are ready to visit your Lady in her town after two or three months of correspondence, or you will have sudden problems right when the dates of the meeting will be set.


We are not an agency, which sells dreams. Russian women cannot be ordered and sold by catalogue. Our women are real. Each our woman is a personality.

You are mistaken, if you think that Russian woman have an great desire to change in her soul. It is not so. You have to forget the cliche, you may have been had before, about Russian woman only dreaming about a life as a housewife, though Russian woman still have very old fashioned traditional family values, a lot of them are also interested in a successful career.

Russian woman is very strong. You have to avoid the "victim" pattern- when you think about her as a person who was only suffering in her homeland from horrible life conditions, always drunk Russian men, mafia etc. and who will be grateful for the rest of her life that you helped her to escape and reach "a paradise".

These stereotypes are very far from reality and to think about Russian woman in this aspect is to disgrace her and to look at this colorful picture of life only in black and white. Our women have a work and can earn for good life. Single, what have no our women - beautiful men for love and lucky family.

SPECIAL NOTE: Under federal legislation SPC Practice is mandated to collect the following background information from each gentleman who wishes to use our service. We will also be required to conduct an electronic search on the National Sex Offender public registry and state public registry ( This information and search results will then be translated into Russian and made available to all ladies interested in meeting American men.







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